Artificial Plants Can Be Put Outdoors and Indoors

Artificial plants have become a very popular option to meet the demand in keeping houses and gardens full of vigor all year round , both indoors and outdoors. There is a wide range of artificial plants in an array of styles, shapes and size. No matter how little or large your space or budget, the artificial plants can give the best solution.

Can artificial plants be used outdoors?

Not all artificial plants on the market are suitable for outdoors and if placed outside will discolour and fade, so before purchasing plants to keep outdoors, do check its UV stability. UV resistant artificial plants are protected against the outdoor elements, which ensures the plants can be permanent lush green.
For exterior application, artificial hedge and artificial vertical garden are the most popular products. They consists of one or several species of artificial plants inserted or tied on grid panels, so just attach the panel to the wall, you can instantly get a spectacular privacy screen or outdoor landscape. With UV protection and at least 3 years warranty, it allows you the opportunity to display these fresh-looking evergreens in full view of the neighborhood, without fearing damage from any external environmental pressure.

Can we keep artificial plants at home?

In addition to the artifiical plants are not afraid of sun exposure, they also don not need sunlight. That��s why they are recommended to keep at home or any other indoor spaces. Especially for spaces that look a little dark and lifeless, using artificial plants is a great way to lift the overall atmosphere without worry aboutwhether they will wither up and keel over.
A large selection of artificial plants products suitable for home design is available, The gloomy corner in your home, that you do not know what to do with, just add an artificial potted topiary there and enjoy the perfect infusion of energy and beauty. Artificial hanging baskets off the ground save the floor space and avoid being damaged by children or pets. And the artificial leaves are DIY friendly, inspiring creativity on making tablescape and let you enjoy the fun of working with family.

Can you put artificial plants in water?

Artificial plants are not paper plants that made by children. Most of them are made of polyethelene(PE), which is waterproof. PE is a kind of eco-friendly material that different from the inferior plastic. It is non-toxic and has no bad smell, so you can dispel the concerns about health. Though these plants do not require any maintenance to extend its life, they still need to polish them.
It is easier to clean artificial plants outdoor, just rinse them and dry naturally. Sometimes, the rain can help you. As for the artificial plants indoor, if they can be taken off the container or wall, wash them in the sink filling with warm water. Add a small amount of a mild detergent like dish liquid if the plants are especially dirty. For unmovable artificial plants cleaning , you can brush off the dust with a duster and wipe stubborn stains with a damp cloth. The cleaning frequency depends on you, but remenber to fully display the beauty of artificial plants.




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