SUNWING Artificial Topiary Ball
Artificial Topiary Ball
SUNWING artificial topiary balls will create a revitalizing and cozy setting in your setting and give a lively touch to your home decoration.
Largest Foliage Range and Realistic Layer
There are many kinds of foliage for your different decoration needs, such as boxwood, bay leaf, cedar shrub, etc. Our artificial topiary balls have a botanically accurate leaf structure along with a perfectly moulding. The tone of the foliage is darker towards the centre of the topiary ball to emulate the older and mature foliage. At the tip of the ball, the foliage is lighter and lusher which is to replicate the new growth .

Customizable Diameters and Various Application
Our artificial topiary balls are available in a variety of sizes and can be customized. Regular diameter is 18cm, 28c, 38cm and 48cm. Small topiary balls can be placed on the table as potted plants, and larger ones can be used as hanging baskets or corner decorations.
Furthermore, the artificial topiary balls for outdoors come with UV protection for at least 3 years of outdoor service and can be outdoor fire-rated if required. Lightweight and iron wrought version are available and all of our products are certified by ISO and SGS standards.


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