Why Maintenance?
The need to maintain an artificial turf field is fundamental for several reasons. These can be highlighted as follows:
- Longevity
- Playing performance
- Safety
- Aesthetics
The lifetime of the artificial field will be significantly reduced by a lack of maintenance. Thus the investment in the field will be undermined.
General Principles
Do not undertake any action, which has not previously been authorized by the installing company. Warranties are normally linked to the maintenance of the surface. Lack of maintenance will invalidate the warranty as will incorrect maintenance. If in doubt ask the experts of that particular system namely the supplier.
Do not apply any chemicals onto the surface without prior consent. Many chemical substances can act to the detriment of the surface particularly petroleum-based products. Care must be taken to avoid all petroleum-based spillages including fuel for the tractor units. Always re-fuel off the playing surface.
Chemicals are used on synthetic surfaces. These can include algaecides, mossicides, weedkillers, de-icers, etc.
Additional Maintenance
Wherever and whenever contaminants are present remove them as soon as possible.
It should be noted that no food or beverages should be allowed on the field. Equally problematic is chewing gum albeit this can be simply remedied by freezing the offending gum which can then be broken out of the field when it has become solid.
Smoking is strictly forbidden.
All organic matter leaves, soil, seeds et cetera, if left will result in algal, moss or weed growth. Remove as soon, as is practical.
If the infill shows signs of agglomerating break up the lumps into their individual components.
An active maintenance programme will maximize the lifetime of the installation and ensure many satisfactory years of use. The maintenance regime is based around simple principles:
- keeping the surface clean
- keeping the infill level
- keeping the fibre upright
- reporting minor defects before they become major problems
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